Pura Healthcare: An overview of the medical tourism industry in Costa Rica and the impact of the Affordable Care Act

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Keywords: Medical Tourism, Costa Rica, healthcare, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare


This paper begins with defining what medical tourism is and how expansive the industry has become due to all of the benefits, especially that of cost savings, that it provides
to healthcare recipients. This is exemplified through a successful medical tourism story of two individuals receiving insurance reimbursement due to their decision to go abroad
for medical care and the associated cost savings. The paper will then move into an explanation of the Affordable Care Act in the United States and why uninsured citizens may
choose to travel to Costa Rica in comparison to staying in the United States or traveling to other countries for medical care. The paper concludes with an in depth look at how
the Affordable Care act is going to affect the future of health tourism from the United States to Costa Rica by drawing parallels to other healthcare systems and looking at the
details of the affordable care act such as procedures that may not be covered.