A Comparison of Michigan and Texas Universities' International Business Program Requirements

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Keywords: International Business Programs, Foreign Language Requirements, Study Abroad Requirements


This paper presents the major findings from a research of AACSB accredited Michigan and Texas University’s degree requirements for their International Business programs.
The study examined the requirements for study abroad and foreign language in relation to International Business programs based on if they were required and how many credits
must be completed in these two areas. The findings were based on requirements from 14 Michigan Universities and 36 Texas Universities. There was one major conclusion drawn
from this research: (1) There is a significant difference between the number of foreign language credit hours required for International Business majors between Michigan and
Texas schools. Michigan university students studying International Business are required to take more foreign language credit hours than Texas university International
Business students. All students enrolled in the IB major programs in Michigan are required to take foreign language courses, where as only half of the IB major programs in
Texas require their students to take foreign language courses.