Global Supply Chain Management Research: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • David Wernick
  • Amy Villegas-Zwerg


This paper aims to reduce the information overload in the field of global supply chain management (GSCM) by performing a literature review using Scopus as the database and VOSviewer to visualize the results. Global supply chain management is one of the most expansive and diverse fields in the business sector. Graduates with this degree will be in high demand since there is not only a shortage of individuals with supply chain knowledge, but the field of supply chain itself is ever-expanding (Gradovska, 2020). They will have many career opportunities and will be able to enter many different positions in a firm. Since there are myriad aspects and applications in the field of supply chain, these ever-expanding possibilities could create a challenge for graduates looking to enter the workforce. When doing the bibliometric analysis, the objective is to determine what the many topics of GSCM are, what the current trends in these topics are, and which countries are publishing the most research literature in the field. The main keywords in supply chain are sustainability and sustainable development, logistics, international trade, commerce, and public policy. However, the current trends since 2017 are focused mostly on sustainability and sustainable development. Most of the research done on these topics is from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and India. When determining the countries producing the majority of research in this field, it could imply that those countries are the most knowledgeable in the subject. They would also have the best education and universities to study GSCM, which can serve as a guide to individuals interested in continuing their studies in supply chain.