Blackrock’s Climate-Change Dilemma: A Case Study

  • Sofia Osuna Monroy Florida International University
  • Andrea Fuentes Florida International University
Keywords: climate-change, BlackRock, Sustainable, Green Investing, Paris Climate Agreement, ESG, Coal


Climate-change has become a growing global concern which impacts countless industries across the world. In response to this environmental emergency, many countries and corporations have stepped forward to mitigate the effects their actions have on climate-change. This case study explores BlackRock, Inc. and its response to the global climate crisis as well as the overall effect of climate-change on the asset management industry. BlackRock presents a unique case study due to its role as an industry leader and its title as the world’s largest asset manager; the firm’s response to this climate crisis sets the precedent for the asset management industry. The paper also examines the lack of a standardized Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Disclosure Framework which is key to sustainable investment. Finally, the case study puts forward and outlines two potential approaches that BlackRock can adopt in response to climate-change.