Port Significance: Contributions to Competitiveness in Latin America and Asia

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Keywords: infrastructure, development, ports, transportation, China, Latin America


This paper seeks to examine the significance of port placement relative to economic success. In our globalized world, companies look to expand their businesses overseas,
through export tactics. As a result, a country’s GDP is significantly affected by the ability of companies to export their goods and services globally. Convenient, effective
transportation ports have the potential to significantly increase economic growth and success of nations. Current literature examines the competitiveness of ports and provides
cost/benefit analysis of construction, but fails to provide extensive case-specific examples of this important infrastructure concern.

The first section of this paper will describe general information concerning ports, including placement and economic consequences. The latter half of the paper will examine
this topic in a global context, particularly focusing upon economy. Finally it will examine how these topics interconnect, provide predictions and recommendations for the
future of this infrastructure concern, and describe specific examples port projects in Brazil and China.