To be, or not to be… more adaptive to a local environment

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Keywords: China, McDonald's, KFC, International, Strategies, I-R Framework, Transnational, Local Responsiveness, Integration


For quick service industry companies there are many opportunities and threats associated with the entrance into the Chinese market. For the opportunities, as mentioned above,
there is a huge market of consumers in this country who are gaining more and more expendable income every year as China’s economy grows. Although the large portion of these
consumers are not yet to the point where they are able to afford such luxuries as eating out at western originated companies such as McDonald’s and KFC, the small portion of
Chinese consumers whom can afford to accounts for a very large number of people. The huge popularity of meat consumption and the growing preference for beef in China also marks
a very high potential for quick service restaurants entering this market that offer many products based around these meats, as many western restaurants do. Another opportunity
for quick service industries looking to enter China is the changing lifestyles of these consumers and their growing preference to eat out which would favor companies in this