Globalization and Rapid New Market Growth: How the International Fashion Market is Evolving to Capture Shifting Consumer Desires

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Keywords: International Branding, Porter's Five Forces, Fashion, Fast Fashion, Bridge Premium, Diffusion-Designer, Ready-to-Wear, Couture-Luxury


In segmenting the fashion industry by price, our analysis of branding trends was first delineated by a logical market segmenter, which often is the first step in trying to
understand where, why, and how a company is focusing its branding efforts. Going deeper, this paper seeks to hone in on select companies’ growth strategies, marketing mixes,
and diffusion or dilution brand relationships to gain a better understanding of where the industry and brands stand today, as well as steps they are taking to modernize and
adapt to a consumer which expects more value for his dollar and more multi-level interaction with the brand, both pre and post purchase. Finally, utilizing Michael Porter’s
Five Forces framework, each segment is summarized to emphasize the important aspects of how the selected brands interact in a competitive environment.