Is Latin America Competitive Enough for the Commercial Satellite Services Industry?

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Keywords: Latin America, Commercial Satellite, Chile


As a result of slowed growth in developed countries, such as Europe and North America, commercial satellite service providers are seeking opportunities in developing regions
such as Asia and Latin America. This paper seeks to examine the competitiveness of Latin America for commercial satellite service multinationals to expand their business and
create competitive advantage for their respective corporations in the region.

When assessing foreign direct investment opportunities, many organizations look to five distinct factors: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Employment Indicators, Consumer Price
Index (CPI), Central Bank Minutes, and Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) for both manufacturing & services. This paper will evaluate these five statistics to gather a rounded
view of region’s economic standing. Following the economic statistics evaluation, this paper will also identify specific countries that offer the most opportunity in the region. Their respective competitiveness as it pertains to government policies, infrastructure, and service demand will be explored.