Toyota Motor Corporation: A Global Expansion

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Keywords: Toyota, Global Expansion


The overall purpose of this paper it to take an in-depth look at the relationship between Toyota Japan and Toyota North America, as well as what Toyota has accomplished in
global expansion, within the North American region and Japan. Most of the statistics that were analyzed came from Toyota Motor Corporation through their Production, Sales,
and Exports by Region section for its vehicles (see Appendix). We see a strong relationship between Japan and North America, but particularly with the United States. As
years went on, Toyota has been a success in this region, turning into a strategic leader, strategizing to export to where the most products will sell the most successfully
in numbers. More specifically, we look into a 10-year time span from 2003 until 2012. This time span allows us to see how Toyota has succeeded through both the some
significant downturns. Within those years, the statistics shows not only Japan and the North American region, but also the six others, including Latin America, Europe,
Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Within the analysis and paper itself, data has been collected from 2003-2012 in all eight regions. Looking more into depth of the Toyota Corporation to get a better
understanding of the company itself, a brief introduction, as well as some history will be gone over. With that, we go into their history with their top competitor,
General Motors, specifically their joint venture of the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., and how they are still competing with them today. From there, we look at
some specific numbers and relationships of the units produced, sold, and exported between Japan and North America. After analyzing this data, we conclude that, as mentioned
earlier, Japan has done a great job at globalizing both effectively and efficiently. Along with that, we also can conclude that the trend within this time span, though more
cars are being produced in Japan at this time, more are being sold in the region of North America. With the more sales in units, the exports from Japan to the North American
region is slowly increasing, making this region their most important one. To make these conclusions, more specific statistics have been sought.