The Diversification of Coca-Cola: Globalization & Strategic Fit

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  • Arzoie Sharma The George Washinton University
  • Jimmy Larkin The George Washinton University
  • Isabel Fernandez The George Washinton University
  • Gabriel Esteves The George Washinton University
Keywords: Coca cola


The purpose of this company research is to analyze the efficiency of the global strategy employed by Coca-Cola. Some strategies that we incorporate in our evaluation include elements of differentiation, marketing, and distribution that serve Coca-Cola’s purpose in various markets. Our focus on Coca-Cola stems from the firm’s proven success in international operations, as it continues to be one of the most recognized beverage brands in the world. The case provides an in-depth review of how Coca-Cola utilizes each of the strategies listed above, especially in its operations in Japan.