Michigan/Windsor Cross Border Employment

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Keywords: Cross Border, Michigan, Canada


This paper aims to look at the cross border flow of workers from Canada to Michigan. It focuses on the Detroit area because of its large population, connection to Windsor and
the high traffic volume of daily crossing in this area. There are two other border crossings in Michigan, Port Huron and Sault Ste. Marie. These tend to be import/exports
crossings rather than commuting because of their location and the population of the cities. Michigan is the busiest border crossing state in terms of import/export. Most of
its imports are on their way to Michigan and other Midwest states for manufacturing. Being a border state has a positive impact on Michigan’s economy by bringing in truck
drivers to the local businesses, as well as creating businesses for easy manufacturing after the import of raw materials. Looking specifically at direct Jobs created because
of the border we find a whole new positive outlook. It allows employees of companies to commute between their home country and the country of their employer. After doing
thorough research it was found that there are 5,000 daily employees who live in the Windsor region, but work in the Detroit area. This is providing qualified employees that
Metro Detroit demands, but is unable to supply solely on Michigan residents.